Our mission -  to ensure that all critically ill midwesterners receive intensive care of the highest achievable quality, by sharing our best practices with one another, with the best available medical evidence as our guide.  Have a look at our guiding principles.

Check out the MWCritCare Blog for thoughts and comments related to critical care improvements and discussions around our meetings.

One of our large scale cross-disciplinary projects is the Kansas Sepsis Project, which is intended to reduce the mortality from severe sepsis in that state.  However, you do not have to be a Kansas practitioner to participate.  Click for details, and feel free to sign up.

If you're interested in participating in our monthly meetings, being on the email list, and helping us to fulfill our mission, please fill out this form to tell us who you are and give us your email address.  Although we are a collaborative, we don't demand anything of our members, and active participation is voluntary.  But it is thrilling to share one's victories, large and small, with others who can appreciate them. And nothing beats the feeling of having someone else be successful with ideas or techniques that are based on your own experience.  Please, give it a try!

If you linked to our page from Project Check, you'll find info about the daily quality checklist on the Shared ICU Quality Improvement Files page.

The collaborative holds monthly meetings on the second Thursday of the month, alternating between noon and 6 PM, so that everyone can find a time to attend.
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