Our Guiding Principles

1) The outcomes that we care about, we will measure and share with one another, so that we can effect changes that have a measurable impact on our patients lives. 

2) We recognize that our own individual autonomy of decision making must, at times, take a back seat to what is safe and effective for our patients. We will proceed according to the best scientific evidence available and standardize our approach to achieve the most benefit for the most patients. 

3) When something works for any of us we will share it with the entire collaborative, so that it might work for someone else. To borrow a phrase from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, we will share selflessly and steal shamelessly to make things happen for our patients. 

4) Physicians alone cannot do this. We need the commitment of our hospital administrators and our nursing and ancillary colleagues. We recognize our administrative and other personnel as equal partners in our collaboration and appreciate the energy and ideas that they have to devote to better care of our patients. 

5) We will function as a group, and as a group we will decide what issues need our attention and how to approach them. 

6) As we make improvements in the care we are delivering, we will actively seek the means to help spread our improvements to smaller hospitals across the region that do not have the benefit of on site critical care trained physicians and nurses.