Severe Sepsis Quality Improvement Project

Thank you for signing up for the collaborative's CME/quality improvement project in severe sepsis.  If you follow the steps presented here, you will learn how to continuously improve the care you provide and you will save the lives of more people with severe sepsis.  

There are two components to the project: 

I) Performance improvement:
    The first step in performance improvement is to evaluate your current practice and to determine whether there are areas where you can change your practice to improve your patients' outcomes.  Your initial move in this process will be to evaluate the patients with infections that you have cared for in the hospital over the past 6 months.  Please use the severe sepsis screening tool to determine whether the patients had severe sepsis, or not.  For patients who did have severe sepsis, please use the severe sepsis tracking tool appropriate to your hospital's size, either small hospital (critical access hospital or other hospital with fewer than 75 beds) or supporting hospital.